Top 5 Catering Dishes 2012

2012's top dishes certainly threw us off guard. Some of the winners are quite unexpected!

Pigeon Breast


The big suprise of this year's list is that there is no clear winner when it comes to dishes involving poultry. However, the number of entries for each poultry dish is so overwhelming that the poultry dishes if separated, will easily dominate the top 5. Poultry simply has to be awarded the top spot.

Here are some noteworthy poultry dishes for you to try out!

Pineapple Rice

Fried Rice

Missing from last year's top 5 dishes, fried rice appears with a vengeance.

Experience the sweet and tangy taste of pineapple combined with the aroma of fried rice when you savour Katrina's Pineapple Rice.

Spring Roll

Spring Roll/Samosa

Like how both pastries share the same flour-based skins, the humble samosa and spring roll share the number 3 spot.

Check out Friends Alley's Crispy Prawn Spring Roll and Riverwalk Tandoor's Punjabi Samosa.



At number 4 is a canape staple — the tart.

Beside coming in bite-sizes, Oh's Farm's meat tarts come in a wide assortment, including smoked salmon, seafood mayonnaise and chicken ham.

Chap Chye

Chap Chye

How can a meal be complete without some vegetables? For the uninitiated, Chap Chye is Hokkien for mixed vegetables and is commonly prepared by simmering in a delicious fermented soya bean stock.

Baba King's Nonya Chap Chye is made without adding MSG and depends solely on the perfect balance of the preserved soya bean paste.

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